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The Rules of Fort Battle

About fort battle

After the end of the charging phase, the battle will commence.

Fort battles themselves are a type of battle-royal of two or more Lands.

A large objective for attackers during battle is to deal damage directly to the Guardian Cryptid.

Battles have a max of 5 turns.

During Battle, Land soldiers battle head to head.

  • Within 5 turns the objective is to damage the Guardian Cryptid.

  • When the HP of Guardian Cryptid reaches 0, the Land which caused the highest damages will get the fort.

    • If the lands that reduced the most HP have the same number, the next condition is that the lasted attack land will occupy.

    • If this condition does not apply, it will be randomized among the lands with the most reduced HP.

  • If the HP of Guardian Cryptid doesn’t reach 0 the defense side will win and keep the fort.

When a Land takes over a fort or keeps a fort a Fort-Point is rewarded.

About War Record and Matching.

Each soldier has a War Record which stands as your contribution points to Cryptid Wars.

At start, Knights have 2 points and Knight Commanders have 0. The War Record changes as follows.

  • Beat the other user: +1

  • Attack the Guardian Cryptid: +2

Matching flow

  1. Both on the attacker side and defense side, the soldier who has the highest War Record will be chosen.

    1. If there are two or more attackers, the soldier may match with the other attacker side soldier.

  2. Battle commences!

  3. When a soldier defeats all soldiers of the opposing Land, they will proceed to attack the Guardian Cryptid directly.

Please see how damage to the Guardian Cryptid is calculated:

>Cryptid Barrier

  • When the HP of Guardian Cryptid reaches 0, all battles will end and the attacking side will obtain the fort.

  • If the HP of Guardian Cryptid doesn’t reach 0, the battle will continue.

If there are more defensive soldiers than attackers, some soldiers will not be involved in the battle.

2nd to 5th turn

The match flow is the same as above, but soldiers who have yet to have battle, as well as those who were victorious from previous turns will be eligible for matching.

As long as there are eligible soldiers or the HP of the Guardian Cryptid isn’t 0, the battle continues.

Post-battle movement process

  • If you win, you will stay in the fort.

  • If it is defeated, it returns to the fort it was in before it was moved.

However, if the fort was occupied by another land, it will be returned to its base on the perimeter.

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