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"Fort" in Cryptid Wars

Content overview

In Cryptid Wars, the goal of each Land is to occupy a fort.

  • Fort has a rarity, the more central the Fort, the higher the rarity.

    • There are three types of forts: Rare, Epic, and Legendary.

  • At the end of each Term, the Land accumulates fort points based on the forts it occupies.

  • The more fort points a Land has at the end of the season, the more rewards it will receive.

Fort Points by Rarity

  • Legendary: 5

  • Epic: 3

  • Rare: 1

How to occupy the Fort

Each Fort has a Guardian Cryptid within it. You can ocupy the Fort when your Soldiers succeed to defeat Guardian Cryptid.

When you get the Fort, your Land Guardian Cryptid will be set automatically.

As the rarity, HP is different.

  • Rare: 5,000 HP

  • Epic: 9,000 HP

  • Legendary: 15,000 HP

Also, there are some special regulations in Cryprid Wars. Please see below for the details.

> Link: Special Rules in Cryptid Wars.

To damage Guardian Cryptid

When the HP of Guardian Cryptid reaches 0, all battles will end, and the attacking side will obtain the Fort.

Please see below for the details.

Link: The rules of Fort Battle

Link: Cryptid Barrier

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