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Cryptid Wars

What’s Cryptid Wars

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The most extensive GvG content.

Cryptid Wars is GvG (Group by Group) content. It differs from traditional MCH content because Cryptid Wars focuses on capturing “fort”.

At the beginning of a season, each Land will be put on a starting place to advance. Taking over a neighboring fort requires defeating the “Guardian Cryptid”.

*At the start, all forts are occupied by the enemy. The enemy won’t attack your Land.

How to play

Each Land gets a “Fort-Point” by defeating another fort or keeping the fort within your control. The higher rarity of the fort you take over or keep, the higher points you will be rewarded.

  • After the end of the season, the result will be reset, and a new Cryptid Wars season will start.

  • The starting place is decided randomly every season.

  • Only Knight and Knight Commanders, at most 96 users, can participate.

However, other users can contribute to Cryptid Wars by using CE or Cp(Cryptonium) on your Land’s Cryptid. Thus those contributors to Land will also get rewarded!

Please refer to the help below for additional details.

Future Updates


“Strategy” will be added as the next update. You need to consume your CE with your citizens to develop your Land Strategy.

It will include all citizens, so it will be more important to cooperate!


In the next update, there will be more ways to get Cp by clearing missions. Missions will be set to the battle, contribution, playing of MCH, and so on.

We hope you’ll join in the MCH ecosystem through Cryptid Wars!

Thank you.

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