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Cryptid Barrier

Cryptid Barrier

As explained earlier, King can decide how much Cp they want to charge for battle during the Charge phase.

The lower limit for charging is 10,000 Cp.

The amount of Cp King used affects the “Cryptid Barrier factor”.

In short, the Cryptid Barrier factor is 100%, but the number changes as follows..

  • (The amount of Cp which the attacker side uses / The amount of Cp which the defence side uses ) × 100%

Example: Attacker side charges 10,000Cp Defence side charges 5,000Cp

The Cryptid Barrier factor is 10000 / 5000 * 100 = 200 (%) .

In this case with a 200% Cryptid Barrier factor, total damage is 200.

If there are two or more Lands attacking, each Land’s Cp use will affect compared with the defence side.

Note: Maximum and Minimum Cryptid Barrier limits are set Lowest: 30 Highest: 300

In short, the Attacker side can increase the damage with Cp, and the defence side can decrease the damage with Cp.

You’ll need to cooperate with citizens to contribute Cp into the Cp pool to win Cryptid Wars, and get rewarded CI.


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