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How to get Crypt Ingots (CI)

Contributing Cp

Cryptonium (Cp) can be deposited in the Land Cp Pool by clicking the "Insert" button on the Land page or Cryptid Wars page.

  • Once deposited here, when the King charges from the Land Cp Pool to each fort, the Cp will be consumed according to the percentage of Cp input by each user.

  • The amount spent will be counted as contributed Cp and will be proportional to the ingots obtained at the end of Cryptid Wars.

  • Any Cp that is not charged will continue to be stored and will be returned to the user when they move across the land.

  • It is also possible to withdraw the full amount during the preparation period.

For example, if user A has 3000 Cp and user B has 1000 Cp in the pool (A:B = 3:1), and the king spends 2000 Cp on fort R1. In this case, user A's consumption of fort R1 is 1500 Cp and B's consumption is 500 Cp.

  • When Cp is charged, the amount consumed by each individual according to the above calculation is accumulated as contribution Cp points.

  • These points will be accumulated regardless of whether you win or lose.

  • At the end of the season, each user will receive a percentage of the ingots earned in the rand according to the percentage of contribution Cp.

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