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I propose the idea of separating out the hero's art edit skill as an art-independent form of edit skill.


(1) As a skill-granting feature, allow players to pay a fee of 10 GUM to select any edit skill they want.

(Free for the first time only)

(2) The art should be the first thing that must be set up in order to meet the NFT requirements for heroes.

(3) Rename the Art Edit skill to Edit skill.


Currently, there is no match between putting on the art you want and putting on the skills you want.

As a result, I am accumulating a lot of clipped images from somewhere just to show the skills I can use, which doesn't look good, and more importantly, the work and time spent on it is barren.

In the past, it seems to have been created to provide the experience of discovering new skills, but now that the analysis has been done, it is unnecessary.

If the purpose is to fulfill NFT requirements, then (2) is sufficient, and letting heroes edit the art they really like (not for skills) seems to answer the user's needs better.

from the development team.

The specifics may change with development, but we will try to keep in mind that you can grant any skill for the same fee as the price of the art setting, and that new users can grant any skill for free the first time.


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