My Crypto Heroes

Your time and passion will become assets.

Your time and passion will become assets.

Play as Scholar

Play as Scholar

01. Rental

Let’s get Rent Soul (NFT) from Owner through “Rental”

02. Play Game

Challenge Soul nodes and Soul battles with rented Souls.

03. Earn RAYS

The rewarded RAYS will be distributed to the Owner and Scholar.

Play as Owner

Play as Owner

01. Summon

Summon Soul by burning MCHC (Governance Token) and RAYS (Utility Token).

02. Rent Out

You can rent your Souls out to Scholars through “Rental”.

03. Get the share

RAYS earned by Scholar from Soul nodes and Soul battles will be distributed to Owner.

PvE Mode

You can send your heroes to the dungeon (which is called a node) to obtain an experiences and materials The materials you gain can be used to create an equipments called extensions, which are a type of asset that can be traded with other users on the blockchain.

PvP Mode

Players compete against other players through various PVP mode. Top players will get NFTs and MCHC, the MCH's governance token, along with honors. The key to victory in PVP battles is the strategy, which is created by performing the perfect combination of heroes and extensions in auto-battles.

Battle Preview
The MCH Ecosystem


Through quests, players can getting a craft materials and level up their heroes and extensions.


Warriors fight in PvP battles for craft materials and fame. Prove your skill in regular tournaments, Land vs. Land battles, and custom arenas.


Are you one of the creative kind? Sell your self-made hero skins on the art market for GUM. Or get creative in your own tournament modes.


Traders use the in-game market to earn GUM. They buy the supply of farmers and equip warriors before they send their heroes into battle.

Acquire Digital Assets


Each hero with the rarity Common or higher is an ERC-721 token. This means that you own the token and can sell it on 3rd party platforms like OpenSea.


Like heroes, extensions are NFTs with the ERC721 token standard. They can be created through crafting.


Using the crafting function, crafting materials can be converted into extensions.

Getting Started

MetaMask Extension

Most used wallet for Ethereum dapps. Recommended for users who will use ETH sent from crypto exchange.

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