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Overview of "My Crypto Heroes -Rays Mining-"


“My Crypto Heroes (called MCH)” launched in November 2018 and was the leading blockchain game in 2018/2019 and early 2020 in terms of DAU. 

The game uses historical Hero NFTs (“Hero”, “Heroes”) which are equipped with weapons, called Extension NFT (“Extension”, “Extensions”).

The game offers a PvE mode and various PvP modes to battle for exclusive extensions and rewards. 

Please visit the help section or the beginner tutorials to get more information.

MCH Coin (“MCHC”)

Since the launch in 2018, it was MCH’s vision to become a decentralized ecosystem managed by the players.

In November 2020, the MCH governance token MCHC was released to appropriately reflect user opinions in all things, including game rules, policy, and content.

Uniswap (ETH) :0x5b272ce3e225b019a3fbd968206824b24c674344

QuickSwap (Polygon) :0xe90056b377cbbb477e3950505ccbd8d00b9cdc75

Etherscan :0xD69F306549e9d96f183B1AecA30B8f4353c2ECC3

Coingecko :

As of October 2021, many decisions such as user producer appointments, skill change, and content updates were made by user governance.

Governance Forum:

note: Governance Forum is mainly only in Japanese right now.

Entering a New Era for MCH

From its beginning, MCH announced that the maximum number of 200 different “Heroes” will be sold ever. And due to the Hero sale system of MCH, not all Heroes sold out which reduces the supply even more.  

The very last Hero sale will be held on Jan 11th, 2022.

The above sales model was intended to prevent an oversupply of Heroes and to increase the value as the number of users increases. This goal has been largely achieved.

However, entering the ecosystem as a new user requires quite a large upfront investment. Nowadays, new users need to invest a large amount of ETH to compete in the game. While this is by design, it reduces MCH’s growth for a certain player base that cannot afford a large upfront investment. 

To achieve a “new user-friendly” ecosystem, especially in the latest play to earn movement, we will be introducing a new category of NFT:


MCH Soul (MCHS) is the entry-level NFT for new users to enter My Crypto Heroes. We will design a special game mode for MCH Soul holders, called the Node: Soul. Additionally, MCH $RAYS ($RAYS) is an ERC20 token that can be earned by playing and consumed to forge MCH Soul.

“Soul/$RAYS'' is an alternative to Heroes, which supply is limited, and those value is expected to continue to rise, as a casual investment for new users and new excitement for existing users. Soul and $RAYS will be both 100% on-chain and enter on-chain quests to reflect the true DAU of My Crypto Heroes. 

  • Soul(ERC-721): You can use it to play “Node: Soul”, “Soul Battle”, to strengthen your Extension, and to get JIN NFT.

  • $RAYS(ERC-20): You can use it to recharge your Soul and generate a new Soul.

Please visit here to get more information of the initial distribution of $RAYS, the ignition event, and the boost event.

Let’s dive deeper into each new assets class:


“Soul” is the fourth NFT issued by MCH, after Hero, Extension, and Land. A MCH Soul is a fixed set of 3 MCH Heroes, randomly generated at creation. Players can equip their Soul with Extensions NFTs to boost their strength.

Souls can be forged by burning 9000 MCH $RAYS and 10 $MCHC.

Scholarship-ready: Update: Souls can be lent out on-chain to third parties. The reward earned by the lent Soul will be distributed to the owner and player, depending on the agreed terms. 

Soul has a Durability value, which must be consumed to open treasure chests in the Node: Soul (described below).

When you consume your Soul's Durability, you cannot transfer it to anyone. (It means that you need to recharge the Soul Durability to transfer it to someone.)

When Soul Durability reaches zero, Soul cannot be used again and needs to be recharged.

  • Token name: MCH Soul (ERC-721)

  • Ticker: MCHS

  • Total supply: unlimited

  • Blockchain: Polygon (Previously matic)

  • Main use-case: Node: Soul, Soul Battle, generate JIN, get Aura

  • Contract: 0xE96A0C76E3469f03f80a12fe7EC87D001B6F3935


$RAYS is a new FT (ERC-20) and is a reward for the content played using Soul.

  • Token: MCH $RAYS (ERC-20)

  • Ticker: $RAYS

  • Total supply: unlimited

  • Blockchain: Polygon (Previously matic)

  • Use-case: Recharge Soul, generate a new Soul

  • Contract:

    • Polygon: 0x2D027E55B85429e9F205930A8afF6D8E6C8c3021

    • Ethereum: 0x6Db5F284660B3129cE2E8F563Bf849C59f372F61

Note: We will put $RAYS equal to 100k Souls as a marketing allocation for these two purposes.

  • For Game Guilds and Ecosystem Partner

    • As a trial play and Liquidity Provider

  • Partnership with CEX

Node: Soul

In Node: Soul, you can use Soul to battle in quests. Once you complete a quest, you will receive a treasure chest, from which you can earn “$RAYS”.

There are various rarities treasure chests and a random amount of $RAYS. The higher rarity of treasure chest, the more $RAYS you can get.

Node: Soul has a difficulty level called “Block”. The higher the difficulty level, the higher the chance of getting a rare chest.

You can only open (= Claim) up to 3 treasure chests per account per day, and they will disappear if you don’t open them by midnight.

In order to open a treasure chest, you need to spend 1 “Soul Durability”.

Note: Every chest will have at least 100 $RAYS and you can recharge 1 Soul Durability with 100 $RAYS. This means users cannot lose value by opening chests.

Soul Battle (PvP) :Update

In Soul Battle, players can battle each other using the Soul NFTs.

You can battle as many times as you like in a single day, but the rewards will be limited to a maximum of five per day.

There will be a ranking system which will increase the rewards in correlation to your rank. More details on the reward system will be announced soon. 

Recharge Soul Durability :Update

You can recharge the Soul Durability of a Soul by spending $RAYS. When you spend 100 $RAYS, the Soul Durability value will be recharged by 1.

Example: If the Soul Durability is 30 and you recharge it, it will take 6000 $RAYS to recharge the durability to 90.

The $RAYS earned by the scholar will be distributed after subtracting the amount of durability it consumed.(:Update)

Example: A Soul consumes 90 Durability and earns 9090 $RAYS.

  1. 9,000 $RAYS will be used to recharge 90 Durability for the Owner.

  2. The leftover  90 $RAYS will be distributed to the Owner and Scholar according to the agreed terms.

Soul Summon

You can also summoning a new Soul NFT by consuming $RAYS and MCHC. The flow for summoning a new Soul is as follows:

  1. Daily Bonus transactions on the Polygon Network will be Summonable

  2. Three Souls will be displayed for minting

  3. If you don’t want to mint any of the 3 Souls, you can refresh up to 10* times for free.

    • The three candidates generated at the update time (12:00 a.m. UTC) are lost

    • Refresh count is reset each time Daily Bonus transaction is executed

  4. You can generate a new Soul by spending 9000 $RAYS and 10 $MCHC.

*Prime users can refresh 20 times.

The consumed $RAYS and $MCHC to summon a new Soul will be burned.

Soul and $RAYS are extending the MCH Ecosystem

Soul and $RAYS are the entry points of the MCH ecosystem. To create sustainable synergy between the Soul content and the MCH core content, the Soul NFTs are impacting the core gameplay as follows:

Awakening Value: Update

Players can increase a Soul’s Awakening Value by merging two Souls and burning GUM (in-game currency). Increasing the Awakening Value will cause the following effects:

  • Lock Soul into Extension to grant “Aura” 

  • Conversion to JIN (scheduled to be implemented in March 2022)

  • Increases the drop rate of gold chests in Node: Soul

Aura: Update

Souls that have reached a certain level of Awakening Value can be locked into Extensions to grant them “Aura”.

  • Target Hero

    • In order to take effect, the locked Extension must be equipped to the Hero shown when locking Soul. 

  • Aura

    • When an Extension with Aura is set on the target Hero-NFT, special effects will be triggered if the “Condition” is met.

Convert to JIN: Update

Souls with sufficiently high Awakening Values will be able to convert to JINs, which will be implemented in March 2022.

JIN is one of the elements that will be used in the most competitive MCH battles.

The beta version has already been released, and the official release is scheduled for March 2022.

Click here for more information on the specific specifications of JIN.

Quick Summary and the next step of "My Crypto Heroes -Rays Mining-"

As it’s written above, Soul and $RAYS will work isolated from the current MCH ecosystem at its beginning. We continue to update and improve the current ecosystem and the integration between them is a little risky right now. After adjusting the Soul / $RAYS ecosystem isolatedly, we will integrate it to the current MCH ecosystem step by step to make it more holistic.


Here’s the timeline of the update.


website :

discord :

twitter(JP) : @mycryptoheroes

twitter(EN) : @mycryptoheroes_

uniswap (ETH) : 0x5b272ce3e225b019a3fbd968206824b24c674344

QuickSwap (Polygon) : 0xe90056b377cbbb477e3950505ccbd8d00b9cdc75

Etherscan : 0xD69F306549e9d96f183B1AecA30B8f4353c2ECC3

Coingecko :

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