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UTC : 11/30 fri 6:00 a.m. -
JST : 11/30 fri 3:00 p.m. -


What is "My Crypto Heroes" ?

In the near future...
Records of past heroes have all vanished into the Crypto World.

It is your job as a data miner to dive into the depth of the Crypto World to battle enemies and restore the heroes back to their finest forms.
Collect and strengthen your heroes through battles and trades to stay ahead of the other miners!

My Crypto Heroes
Where you can find the best heroes imaginable...

Game Overview

‘My Crypto Heroes’(MCH) is a HTML5 game for smartphones and PC featuring blockchain technology.

MCH is a quick and casual worker-placement RPG.
Collect and train historical Heroes of the world, get special and legendary items into your to equip, compose the ultimate unbeatable team formations and challenge epic battles to conquer the crypto world !


  • Proof of Play

    Play the game and earn blockchain assets!

  • Proof of Victory

    Battle other players to gain blockchain assets!

  • Trading Asset Game

    Trade the blockchain assets you earned to strengthen your army!

  • Editable Asset

    Create the value of your blockchain assets on your own!

Acquiring Heroes

Heroes can be purchased in the pre-sale with Ethereum (ETH), and GUM (Game User Money) after the game release.
There are also free heroes, so it is also possible to play the game for free.
Form a team with the heroes you have acquired and go forth into the world of My Crypto Heroes!

Customizing Heroes

You can name and customize your hero's appearance to your liking.
By using the art edit function, you can create your own truly original hero with extra additional abilities


You can send your heroes to fight other Heroes of your choosing
Through clearing quests Heroes will level up, acquiring items and becoming stronger.


Extensions are equipment that power up your hero.
By defeating enemies in quests, you can obtain these extensions such as swords and armor.
If you manage to get rare, special extensions, you’ll be the envy of everybody!

Buying and Selling Heroes and Extensions

Heroes and extensions can be bought and sold through the marketplace.
Through clever economic moves you can greatly increase your power and asset value.

Land (Territories)

Land, through ownership, will generate profit just like actual real estate does.
Profits are generated when other players visit your land and spend GUM while on quests.

Acquiring Land (Territories)

Land owned by other players can be acquired through battles. If you defeat another player in a battle, you can choose to purchase their land.
Collecting lots of land and dominating Crypto World is the ultimate goal.

Playing the game does not cost Gas

As MCH uses the Loom Network side chain, Gas is not necessary to play the game. Heroes, extensions and other assets can be managed through the Ethereum wallet.


Hero Pre-sale (finished)

UTC:September 21 fri 0:00 - September 30 sun 23:00, 2018 JST:September 21 fri 9:00 - October 1 sun 8:00, 2018

  • Heroes, the key assets of My Crypto Heroes, will go on pre-sale.
  • You can purchase special limited-edition heroes using ETH at the pre-sale.
  • As a reward for purchasing in the pre-sale you will receive, through Airdrop after the game's launch, GUM (Game User's Money) of equivalent value to the ETH used to purchase Heroes.

Beta Battle Test (finished on 2nd Nov.)

UTC:September 25 tue 0:00, 2018 - JST:September 25 tue 9:00, 2018 -

  • The Beta Battle Test will be implemented in a test environment.
  • Some functions of Duel Battle, where users go against each other, will be available to play.
  • Anyone can participate. Heroes purchased in the pre-sale can also be used.
  • Data from the test environment will not be carried over after the game is live.
  • Players participating in the test will receive rewards!

Official Launch

UTC 11/30 fri

  • Explore dungeons with a team of your chosen heroes in Quest Battles
  • Alter your hero's appearance for an ability boost with the Art Edit function
  • New heroes on sale and trading functions between players now available.


Coming Soon!

  • Fight other players in Duel Battle
  • Earn revenue through the Land function
  • Contest other users for Land in Land Battle

and more!