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“Soul” is the fourth NFT issued by MCH, after Hero, Extension, and Land. A MCH Soul is a fixed set of 3 MCH Heroes, randomly generated at creation. Players can equip their Soul with Extensions NFTs to boost their strength.

Souls can be forged by burning 9000 MCH $RAYS and 10 $MCHC.

Soul has a durability value, which must be consumed to open treasure chests in the Node: Soul (described below). When the durability reaches zero, the Soul cannot be used again and needs to be recharged.

  • Token name: MCH Soul (ERC-721)

  • Ticker: MCHS

  • Total supply: unlimited

  • Blockchain: Polygon (Previously matic)

  • Main use-case: Node: Soul, Soul Battle, get Aura, Soul Awakening

  • Contract: 0xE96A0C76E3469f03f80a12fe7EC87D001B6F3935

About each Hero in Soul

  • No Rarity

  • All Heroes are Lv.100

  • Common Hero won't be involved in Soul

  • Three active skills will be chosen randomly.

  • We won't publish the generating logic of Soul.

About the Soul node team

  • Extensions are not locked.

  • If you go into battle with an extension equipped that you do not already have, you will be forced to go barehanded.

  • Once you go into battle, it will be impossible to set the same Soul on another account until 9am the next day.

  • If you just started playing, you can equip it once you get your replica extension from the My Crypto Heroes quest node!

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