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TENKEI skills

The state and system in the Colosseum where the hero's passive skills are enhanced.

The following will be reset from the results of the previous Coliseum.

Please wait for the announcement at a later date for the results of the tally.

If the original hero is a target of TENKEI, the replica hero is also a target of TENKEI skill.

・ Hero with high usage rate x winning rate> No TENKEI

・ Hero with low usage rate x winning rate> with TENKEI

* In addition, adjust skills.

By multiplying the above values, all heroes except Novice were renewal to the following three levels based on usage × win rate.

Increase:Even though TENKEI skill was active, the winning rate was low, so TENKEI skill was further strengthened.

Activate:Since TENKEI skill was not activated, it was activated.

Rescission:It was a target of TENKEI skill, but it was released because usage rate x winning rate became high.

There are basically no plans to change TENKEI during this Coliseum.

As an exception, if the winning percentage changes extremely, there is a possibility that the TENKEI skill will be changed during the period of aggregation and grouping between terms.

* In addition, it will be updated according to the total result from the next time.

* Skill changes will be displayed in the “rule description” of the in-game Coliseum.

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