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About Mining

Mining allows you to earn Cp by locking multiple heroes for seven days.

The heroes you choose for your mining team will not be available for Quest during the seven days. But will be available for other content such as duels and colosseum.

Also, the lockup on trades, etc., will apply until you return after seven days.

How to Mining

1. Select a hero for your mining team from the entry page. (Max 1000)

2. Return after seven days to receive your Cp reward.

You will also receive a fixed amount of CE for each hero based on your stamina. (2.5 CE per stamina)

  • The Prime Service's "Doubled CE from Nodes" does not apply.

  • The Prime Service's "Automatic CE Dedication" does apply.

  • Cp earned is displayed when selecting a hero.

  • Cp is determined by Rarity * Stamina.

"Stamina" is the total stamina that will be automatically recovered in 7 days + the current amount of stamina.

Stamina is not consumed, so in principle, it will be fully recovered when you return from Mining.

Team Bonus Cp

  • There is a team bonus to the Cp you get.

  • The more heroes you choose at one time in Mining, the more Cp you will earn in the end.

  • Specifically, the total Cp earned by all heroes will be multiplied by 1.1.

Attribute Bonus Cp(Updated)

  • In each Season, one attribute will be determined as a bonus attribute. If you select the hero with the bonus Mining attribute, a 10% bonus will be added!

  • The bonus attribute is different for each user.

You can see the bonus attribute of the next Season one Season before. 

Future Updates

Currently, only the basic mining system has been implemented.

In the future, the following updates are planned, as reported in the roadmap.

  • The "Burst" system allows you to gain Cp bonuses by using extensions.

  • The "Breakthrough" system allows players to gain Cp bonuses by gaining treasure chests based on hero parameters and attributes.

There are a variety of conditions in the braking system. So there will be a system where you can increase the bonus you get from one mining session by teaming up with different heroes.

In addition, the conditions will change at regular intervals, so the key to success, in the long run, will be to have a variety of heroes and to exchange heroes on a case-by-case basis.

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