My Crypto Heroes


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What's Hero?

The main character's NFT in My Crypto Heroes is called "Hero." These Heroes are based on historical heroes all over the world.

Original Hero

There are five rarities in My Crypto Heroes. Each rarity has a defined total supply limit (please see below). 

Heroes with these five rarities are called "Original Hero," and you can trade them on the Secondary Market.

New heroes will be sold in the in-game shop

We will sell New heroes only in the GUM shop. About 200 heroes will be available for sale, and each Hero will have a defined total supply limit. After the Hero Sale period (4 weeks as usual) is over, the Hero won't be resold again whether or not the maximum number of Hero has been reached.

The total supply limit for each rarity is below.

  • Legendary: 20 (10 for Limited Legendary)

  • Epic: 100

  • Rare: 250

  • Uncommon: 1000

  • Common: 2400

Collaboration Hero has nothing to do with the 200 heroes. Please note that we may sell collaboration heroes with the other IPs and projects after the 200 heroes sale.

Replica Hero

Replica Hero is not NFT and can only be used in-game. Some functions are limited, such as below:

  • You can't use it in Duel Cup.

  • Replica Hero doesn't recover the stamina.

  • After seven days of use, the Lv will become 1.

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