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Hero Aura

You can convert Soul to Hero Aura and equip Heroes with it.

It has some effects and can grant Heroes new abilities.

Please note that we might make balance adjustments such as buffing and nerfing for a better game experience.

Convert Soul to Aura

Souls in inventory can be converted to Auras. This requires a transaction and costs Gas.

Souls that have been converted to Aura cannot be used as Souls.

Aura can be converted back to Soul at any time.

Discovery of Aura Effect

You can discover various Aura effects according to a parameter of each Soul.

The data is a secret. Hope you'll go find it yourself.

Furthermore, the probability, power, and other values included in the effect of the Aura vary according to Soul's parameter allocations.

What parameters are the conditions for better effect values? This information is also secret.

The parameter allocation is not the actual value of the parameter, so there is no advantage for Heroes with higher combat power, and all Heroes are under the same conditions.

You can check the Aura effects of Souls you are summoning, not to mention Souls you own.

The following are factors that determine the chances of discovering particular Aura effects.

  • Hero Type, Attributes, and parameter allocations

  • To be discovered, some Aura effects require a Soul to contain 2 or 3 Heroes that meet the conditions above.

Discovery often requires some Awakening Points.

Each Aura effect has a different required value set for the average value of 3 Heroes' parameter allocations(Required value isn't open to the public).

You need to cover a shortfall with Awakening Points. The number of Awakening Points you need depends on each Soul since each has different parameter allocations.

You can check the number of Awakening Points you need for discovery in a list of Aura Descriptions.

Aura effects are treated as a type of Passive Skill during battle. Please refer to that page for activation conditions.

>Active Skill and Passive Skill

Equip Heroes with Aura

You can equip Heroes with Aura at a Hero description page of Inventory.

You need to pay a fee(GUM) that changes depending on the Hero's rarity when doing so.

  • Legendary - 40 GUM

  • Epic - 20 GUM

  • Rare - 10 GUM

  • Uncommon - 5 GUM

No fee when removing it.

You should remove it before selling Heroes on Market or transferring them outside the game.

Slots for Aura

After equipping Heroes with Aura, you need to assign it to a slot they have.

The number of slots depends on the Hero's rarity.

  • Legendary - 4

  • Epic - 3

  • Rare - 2

  • Uncommon - 1

  • Others - none

Assign Aura to a slot at a Team Edit page.

Aura effects are saved in a template.

Note that the "Cp mining Strengthened" is effective by setting the Aura to Hero, even if it is not set in a slot.

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