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Active Skill & Passive Skill

There are two types of Skills associated with Extension as well as Heroes

Active Skill

Heroes with Extensions set to them have 3 skills that are used in order. Also, each Hero has active skill called "Rest" which will replenish a small amount of HP.

When "Edit Skill" is conducted a new "Edit Skill" is acquired. Only one Art Skill can be used during Battle.

Passive Skill

When multiple of the same Hero is held, additional skills are stacked and automatically fired under certain conditions in battle. While it acts similar to an action skill it is not deliberately set by the player and can occur multiple times.

The type of Aura Effect that is activated as an Action is also included in one type of passive skill.

[100% Chance, One Time] After this Hero's parameter total is of the original value less than 70%.

The original value of the parameter total is the sum of PHY+INT+AGI at the start of battle.

This is the parameter at the start of the battle, including the Extension increase.

It will only be triggered once this value falls below 70% "for the first time" due to debuffs, etc.

If Hero have 200 PHY, 100 INT, and 200 AGI at the start of battle, the total is 500.

Falls below 70% means the current value is less than 350 in total.

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