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Let me introduce how you can participate in the Governance with your MCH Coin.

You can vote with your ETH address. So you don’t need to log in to MCH.

What we are aiming for

We want to make the world the users can change the system and concept by themselves.

  • From Nov 9th: Land can get 50% of trade fee as the Land Revenue

  • We want users to propose the Governance like “We should change the ratio to 45% or 55%”.

  • We will prepare some proposals firstly until we finish implementing the proposal function from users. These proposals from us are to give users where you can vote.

  • From now on, we will explain how you can vote with your MCH Coin and how to propose it.

  • These rules are subject to be changed by the Governance, of course.

The basic rules of the Governance

How MCHC works

1 MCH Coin has one vote. Decimals are not considered.

Also, if you have one or more MCHC, you can participate in the voting!

・We have two plans like below:

  1. You can choose “Yes” or “No.”

  2. You can choose 1 in 4 choices maximally.

[Added 2022.6] Please refer to the newly introduced Voting Power.

※If you have no MCH accounts, you can get the Cp when you create the MCH account with the address.

How to approve

The proposal needs to meet the requirement to be approved.

  • The total amount of voting reached 3% or more of the total issued coin at that time.

If it doesn’t, the proposal won’t be approved.

If it reaches, the choice that can get more voting will be approved.


When some Coins are burned by sent to the uncontrollable address, it doesn’t affect the total issue. Also, the burned number won’t be excluded.

How to propose

We will get a variety of proposals to make the user-generated world come true.

The requirement you need to meet is below to propose:

  • You need to have 1% or more Coins of the current total

It’s impossible to create new content that needs a lot of employees or budget. To tell possible and impossible things, we will set up a forum where the user community can discuss the proposal.

I hope those who have the right to propose, please discuss it there, and give us the proposal.

It’s possible to propose the impossible plan to us. Then we will offer the idea that we can achieve it as possible, but we may ask you to change or cancel it.

※We will explain an impossible proposal later. Mainly, the proposal that leads to misleading representation or needs huge budget,

> Current User Suggested Rules

Delegation of voting

There may be someone who wants to delegate your voting right to the other user. So, we will prepare these functions.

  • You can delegate your right to 1 specific address.

  • You can remove the delegation after 24 hours.

  • When you delegate your right to someone, the user can use all your coins to vote for the user’s choice.

    • But if the user you delegate to doesn’t vote, your coins also are not used.

  • When you delegate your right to someone, you can get voting incentives.

  • If a delegated address sets up yet another address as a delegator, up to 100 delegators will be valid.

  • You can’t delegate your right to the user who already delegated it to someone.

How we, MCH team, participate in the voting.

We don’t participate in the voting actively because we think it’s better that all decisions should be decided by the user community.

But, There may be some proposals the lead to dismal consequences for MCH. Then, we will reveal our thoughts and vote to “no.”

Of course, we can assure you that if the proposal is approved, it will be conducted.

The content you can propose

You can propose anything unless that doesn’t meet them.

  • Proposals that violate the rules

  • Proposals for illegal activities

  • Proposals that are difficult for our funding/operational development

These requirements will be subject to change.

Phase1: The Governance rule of about numerical change

The basic requirement

These are the requirements you need to meet when you propose something.

  1. Concrete, obvious proposal.

  2. The voting term(minimumly two weeks)

  3. When the proposal will be implemented(minimaly one week)

    1. We need to one week minimally to implement and prepare

  4. The unchangeable term after the approval(up to the proposal)

    1. The proposer can decide it.

When you set the long term, it may get disapproval because users may think that we can’t do anything for the unexpected accident. It’s up to users.

But we need to keep track of the performance, so it’s better to set 1 month minimally.

What you can’t propose

  • The number of Heroes.

  • Lord revenue percentage of 30%

  • The proposal violates the King’s right.

    • Changed the condition for becoming King: “10% or more”.

  • Downward revision of sold hero performance

What you can propose

  • Change the burn ratio of GUM

  • The number of each content.

  • The number of Battle Lab affection in Colosseum

  • The max HP of Guardian Cryptid in each fort.

Phase2: The change of priority and the rule in each content(From February)

In Phase2, you can propose the rule and priority of development. But the proposal like below won’t be approved.

The proposal that needs a huge budget

  • Marketing or Collaboration with the other company.

We will publish how you can propose later.

About the proposal that needs a lot of tasks

It’s impossible to do all proposals if they need a lot of tasks.

So, we will publish the road map, including all proposals that need a lot of tasks, and tell you how we prioritize and how we develop.

Of course, then, you can propose the change of priority by Governance.

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