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Flag Battle

[2021.10.07 added]Beginning with Season 35, which starts on October 11th, there will be a significant change to the specifications of flag battles.

Change Point

  • The opponent Land will be decided automatically, and it takes 8 Seasons to battle against all Lands.

  • In Flag battle, All 24 Knights, including G5, will battle.

  • At the grouping term before the G5 Battle, there are no promotions and relegations. The class will be decided by the Knight Achievement Point.

  • There is no Flag moving. When your Land wins, Cp will be distributed as the reward.

  • The Cp will be distributed with the rule of "How many Knight Achievement Point you have".

    • "All Knights battle" in the Flag Battle, "Knight tournament", and "Knight-Commander tournament" are deleted.

  • 19 Knights (exclude G5) will battle against the same ranking Knight in the opponent Land.

  • G5 can be edited the order. The Flag Point that your Land can get is up to the order.

  • The battle logic and Flag point update will be planned.

  • When your Land wins against all Lands as the total records, the special node will be opened for them. (You don't need to win in a row.) The detail will be revealed later.

As the ecosystem, when your Land wins the battle, the more Knight Achievement Point you get, the more Cp you will get!

Be a strong Knight and get Cp reward!


Flag Battle is the last three battles in the Season. It is the land-battle content where G5, the top five Knights, and all Knight will battle against the opponent Land.

It is called "Flag Battle", the most honored content.

Flag battle Reward

In each battle, all Knights battle against the other Land's Knight to get the Flag Point.

Cp will be distributed as a reward. The total amount of Cp is decided by the total Flag Point.

*If the battle results draw, each Land gets the Flag Point.

【Octover 7th, 2021 Updated】

As the current rule, we will distribute 1 million Cp by the total share.

For example:

  • Land A battles against Land B, and 600 points and 400 points for each.

  • Then, Land A can get 60% of 1 million Cp and Land B can get 40% of that.

In the future, we will decide the Cp reward automatically linked to Cp supply and demand in Cryptid Wars.

Cp will be awarded at the time of the season changeover, which is the day following the last day of the flag battle.

How to fix the opponent?

In each Season, the opponent Land is automatically decided.

Each Land battles against another Land per Season, so all Land will finish the battle against all Land in 8 Seasons.

Flag Point

In each Land, the flag point is distributed for the winner's Land. When you're 20th Knight and win the battle, your Land gets 25 points.

When an individual wins a flag battle, the same amount of flag points will be added to his/her Knight Achievement Points.

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