My Crypto Heroes


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There are 9 kinds of Land in My Crypto Heroes.

All users can freely join any 1 of the 9 Lands, and move to the other Land once per Season.

When you belong to Land

  • You will gain the Cryptid Buff.

    • The benefit is a status buff, and the more you dedicate your CE to it, the stronger the buff affect the citizens will receive. It makes you clear Quest easier.

  • You can challenge the "Land Quest"

  • You can participate in Land Battle with GUM reward.

    • Land Battle is open once a Season.

How to choose Land

Each Land has its own unique characteristics. If you check the "Land Message" on the top of each Land, you can see what each Land is doing to increase the citizens.

Also, a lot of communications are going on in our discord. Please see there if you get more information!


If the player meets the below requirements, he/she will be King automatically.

If there are three or more users who meet the above, the top three users with the highest occupancy of the Land Sector will be King. Also, if there are no applicable users, there will be no King.

The King can exercise special functions.

Also, only one of the kings will be given the role of General Commander.


Maestro serves as an assistant appointed by the King.

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