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General Commander

General Commander

General Commander is a role that only one user can be in each Land. The King's Right(Distribution rate of Land Revenue, Choose the fort in Cryptid Wars, and so on) will be locked via this role.

If General Commander locks the right, the right can be changed by General Commander or the Maestro that General Commander will choose.

How to choose?

When your Land wants to put the role, the user needs to meet these requirements:

Two or more users have the same share, the longer user in the Land will be chosen. Also, if General Commander gets to be the user who doesn't meet the above requirement in the Season, newly selected in the next Season.

Delegation of Land Sector

The users who have Land Sector can delegate the share to someone in King.

*King can't delegate the share.

Delegation operations can be performed from the "Delegation Status" screen in Lords Count.

If you delegate your share to someone, you'll keep getting the pros by holding Land Sector.

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