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What's Land Sector

Land Sector is Land's lot in MCH World.


You can get two benefits by holding Land Sector.

  • You can try to go to Land Node without joining Land

  • You can get a revenue share


If you want to go to the Land Node, you need to belong to the Land. But when you have the Land Sector you want to go to, you don't need to belong.

Example: When you want to go to Grape Land Node, you need to belong to Grape. But when you have Grape Land Sector, you don't need to belong to Grape.

Revenue Share

In My Crypto Heroes, Land Sector Holders can get a revenue share equal to 30% of ETH when citizens buy GUM.

30% of revenue will be shared with Land Sector Holders.

e.g. When Bob buys GUM by 10ETH.

3ETH (=10ETH*30%) will be shared with Ocean.

  • If one user has 100% of Ocean Land Sector, the user can get 3ETH.

  • If 10 players have 10% of Ocean Land Sectors, each holder can get 0.3ETH (=3ETH*0.1).

[2022.1.31 added]

GUM purchases on the Polygon chain have been added, but will be distributed and withdrawn independently from the Ethereum chain.

Land Sector share information

You can see who has the Land Sector from

Flag icon on the above -> Lord Counts

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