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Quest and Nodes

Quests are a game mode that consists in challenges for teams of three Heroes to battle against the enemy.

[2022.09.08 update] For Material Nodes, you can now select a node Lv to challenge.

The strength of enemies, the quality of materials and the amount of CE obtained in Quests are proportional to the Node Lv the player challenges.


There are two main types of Nodes: Normal Nodes and Land Nodes.

In order to challenge a given Land Node, the player must belong to the respective land or own a respective Land Sector.

Prime membership is also required for some Nodes and for certain difficulty levels (by Lv.).

Challenge the Node!

All three Heroes in a team will spend the same amount of stamina to challenge a Node.

The stamina used varies from Node to Node and according to the difficulty level.

A node will have three battles in a row, and if you win all three, your Heroes and all original Extensions you have equipped will accumulate CE.

You can also get Materials from chests dropped by Enemies.

By collecting Materials, it is possible to craft Extensions.

Materials are not available for Abacus and Roman Abacus, but Replica Extensions are available.

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