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Materials are in-game points that can be obtained by attacking Quest Nodes.

They are primarily consumed to craft Extensions.

Materials can be acquired through Quests and Duels.

The method of acquisition differs depending on the type.

In addition, materials can be bought and sold in Lab.

The higher the node Lv, the more efficiently materials are acquired

The higher the node Lv, the higher the expected amount of Materials to be acquired per stamina consumed.

Rare materials can be acquired at Lv 60 or higher for some nodes

There are not one but two Materials on the node detail screen.

This is a rare Material and can be obtained only rarely at node Lv. 60 or higher.

Rare materials will be awarded a bonus if the Heroes on the team are Rare, Epic, or Legendary. The higher the Rarity, the more you can get.

Means and types of obtaining materials other than quests

Emblems can be obtained through Duels, Gold Dust through the Colosseum, and Magic Stones through Magic Stone Mining.

There are no types of Emblems and Gold Dust, but there are several types of Magic Stones and five levels of lvl.

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