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What's Duel Cup?


Duel Cup is one of the PvP content that you can join from Battle, Duel Cup.

Duel Cup

Duel Cup is one of the PvP content in MCH. You can participate to that from Battle -> Duel Cup. Duels will be held regularly. Please check the in-game announcement and official Discord announcements for the schedule.

Winning battles between players will determine the ranking for each event, and the top finishers will receive various rewards.

Since March 2021, Winners Ticket has also been introduced as the main reward. Since Nov. 2022,It was moved from Winners Ticket to Emblem.


How to enter the Duel Cup

  • You can enter the Official Duel Cup / Land Duel Cup from “Duel Cup” in the “Battle” tab.

    • You need to edit the team, which clears the regulation.

    • You can import the team from Duel Template.

  • You can edit the extensions after finishing to entry.

  • You can’t use replica extensions which are expired.

  • When the Replica hero edited in your team is expired, you can’t try to battle. Please change the hero to the other original hero or replica hero.

  • In this term, your Duel Point is fluctuated depending on winning or losing. At last, your rank will be determined by your Duel Point.

  • There is no subtraction of Duel Point in this Duel cup

Other regulations

Please check the link for details.


  • We proclaim to use multiple-account to control your rank. If we find the user to do this, we will deal with the user strictly like account-ban, stripping of Trophy, and Winners Point.

Attack Count.

  • You can battle ten times a day.

  • The battle will start when you select the other player and tap the battle.

  • Regardless of your attack count, the attack count will be reset to 0 as the below schedule. You can’t bring your rest attack counts to the next Day.

Reset Time:14:00 p.m.(UTC)

  • You can’t attack in one minute after the last attack.

Duel Point

  • You start with 300 Duel Points.

  • Duel Point is the score which is fluctuated by the battle result.

  • Duel Point fluctuates when you attack the other players. (When you’re attacked, Duel Point won’t fluctuate.)

You can’t attack who you have already won on the same DAY. *When you lose, you can try to attack again.

Battle Result

  • It will be time-up when the battle reaches 200 rounds.

  • When your battle will be time-up without determining which wins,

    “The player who adds more damages” will win.

    *If it is the same, the Defense side will win.

  • The Defense side will win if both teams are dead in the same round (200 round)

When you and the other player are the same ranks

  • The player who adds more total-damage in the Duel Cup will be higher rank. We don’t count the Defense Battle.

  • If the Duel Points and total damage are the same, those who take less will rank higher.

    • If both Duel Points and total the damages are the same, these players will rank the same.

    • So, there is a possibility that we will distribute more amount of rewards than we expected.

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