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Winners Ticket

Winners Ticket is a new element that has been added as a reward in the 2021 battle content.

[Added on 2022.11.01] Winners Ticket will be abolished with the implementation of crafting, and one of the materials "Emblem" will be changed to be obtained from duels.

Winners can earn tickets based on their ranking in duels and other events, and collect them to exchange for various extensions.

About obtaining tickets in Duel Cup

  • At the end of the Duel Cup, you will receive a certain number of Winners Ticket depending on your ranking.

  • When the cup view disappears, you will lose the right to get.

  • You can check the number of tickets you can get from the ranking reward in the cup information.

  • To acquire them, you need to spend a certain amount of CE in the CE Barrel.

    • The higher the class in the duel, the more you need to spend.

    • The amount consumed does not change depending on your rank.

  • In addition, as with the previous CE consumption in duels, 30% of the CE consumed when exchanging tickets will be treated as NIE dedication.

We are also considering an opportunity factor, where the base rate of CE consumption is calculated as a percentage of the amount of CE released in the previous season's quest.

The goal is that the supply and demand balance of CE will be automatically adjusted according to changes in the number of users and other factors.

About Exchange

In "Exchange", You can trade your Winners Ticket for extensions.

  • The number of tickets required for exchange is based on a Dutch auction system with a high starting price linked to Exchange inventory.

  • When someone exchanges a ticket, the number of tickets required for the next exchange will increase.

    • The lower the inventory, the higher the price.

  • In order to prevent hoarding, users who have exchanged one item will have a cool time until they can exchange the next one depending on the rarity.

  • There is no time limit that can be exchanged, and it will continue until the inventory reaches zero.

  • As a rule, the exact same extension will not be replenished.

  • When a new extension is added to the exchange list, it will appear several weeks in advance.

  • Extensions added to the exchange may also become various rewards.

The following are the initial setting amounts. Each value is subject to change.

Amount of tickets earned by Class and Ranking

Amount of CE required to obtain tickets, by class

Number of tickets required for exchange by extension rarity

The number of Winners Ticket you need decreases until the price reaches n%*the Opening number.

The percentages are different for each rarity and are as follows:

  • L:2%

  • E:4%

  • R:20%

  • U:30%

  • C:40%

This may be adjusted depending on the number of extensions remaining in stock, the overall circulation of tickets, and the original maximum number of tickets to be issued.

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