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What's Replica?

There are replica heroes and replica extensions that are separate from the original heroes and original extensions. These are the main differences.

  • There is no total supply limit.

  • The seven days count-down starts when you put it in your team. When it expires, the Replica hero level goes down to Lv.1, and passive skill won't happen. About Replica Extension won't get the parameter bonus.

  • There are no level up and CE accumulation.

Rarity is also different from the Original.

  • Replica Hero: "RepS", "RepA", "RepB", "RepC", "RepD"

  • Replica Extension: "RepS", "RepA", "RepB", "RepC", "RepD", "RepE", "RepF"

You can dedicate your replica heroes and extensions to Cryptid, and regardless it expires or not. Also, you can dedicate your replica extensions to your CE Barrel.

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