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Hero Parameters


If a Hero's HP = 0 it will die, if all 3 Heroes die the Team is defeated

PHY【Physical: Physical Attack】、INT【Intelligence: Magic Attack】

PHY and INY are heavily utilized in the Parameter Effects related to Extensions and a Hero's Passive Skill.

  • PHY and INT are also subject to the success rate of status effects.

  • Healing Skills and amounts are also subject to PHY and INT

healing coefficient

( skill user's INT + target's PHY ) / 2

PHY healing coefficient

( skill user's PHY + target's INT ) /2

AGI【Agility: Action Speed】

During Battle, the order of actions is determined by a "Charge" meter that reaches 1000. However, the additions to Charge can be influenced by AGI.

The Higher the AGI the more actions can be executed before your opponent. Also, some Skill Effects can be affected by or have an effect on resulting AGI.

For more information, please see our Charge page.

When multiple Heroes can activate their Passive Skill simultaneously, the hero with the highest initial AGI at the start of the battle will activate their skill first. [From January 29, 2024 onwards]

Parameters overall change as Heroes Level but each Hero has a unique Parameter Trend that can change.

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