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The Colosseum is a battle content that you can play at any time.

Your ranking is determined by the number of victories you win until your life is disappeared. Depending on your ranking, you can earn GOZO and Gold Dust as the reward.

*Winners Ticket existed as a reward before November 2022, but was replaced by Gold Dust.

Battle and reach the higher Layer!

  • To participate in Colosseum, you need to consume CE from your CE barrel.

    • 30% of the CE you consume will be dedicated to your Land NIE.

  • The higher the layer you're in, the more CE you will need.

  • When retrying, the layer and the number of retries will increase the CE amount you need.

  • When retrying, you can re-start from the number of wins of the previous challenge minus five.

Colosseum Regulation

The following variable factors are the main features.

  • TENKEI: Based on the player's battle records, Skills are strengthened

  • Battle Lab: Based on the player's battle records, Status is strengthened.

  • Morale: The more victories you have, the stronger the parameters of the defending team become stronger.

Rewards at the Coliseum

[Added on 2021.08.17] Colosseum Points have been renamed Layer Points, and the calculation formula has been updated.

Coliseum rankings are determined by the cumulative total of Layer Points (LP) you got according to the rankings of each term. If there is more than one user with the same LP, the user with the higher rank in the final term will be considered higher.

 LP gained = round(1/( { Rank } +power( { Layer } ,1.3)x30)x50000/ { Layer } )

  • The Gold Dust will be awarded according to the final ranking.

    • Unlike duels, you don't need to consume your CE. It's automatically distributed after Colosseum.

    • You can check the details in the "Rules" section.

  • You can also earn GOZO based on your rankings.

    • Approximately three hours after the end of the Colosseum, you may get an extension by opening a GOZO.

    • You can get Rare-GOZO or GOZO for each layer. The numbers available are as follows.

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