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What's EMA?

You can get EMA effect when you dedicate your original extension to Cryptid with the alias.

Alternatively, you can choose to acquire a game item instead of using the EMA effect.

EMA effect

Here's EMA effect you can get. Each effect will increase by 10% maximally.

  1. PHY damage up

  2. INT damage up

  3. HP healing up

  4. Stamina stock (*1)

  5. Cut-Rate increasing

  6. Basic Charge increasing(*2)

※1: You can store 200 stamina per day if you reach Maximum EMA %. This Stamina will be charged to your account at 0 am (UTC), and you can refill this Stamina to your heroes anytime. The maximum Stamina you can stock is 10,000. When your stamina stock reaches 10,000, you can't stock more. (which means you need to use it)

※2: In this game, CHARGE(=AGI+100) is increased in each round, and once your heroes' charge reaches 1000, your hero attacks.

Basic Charge is related to the above. The calculation is below.


Maximally, you can get a 30% EMA Bonus.


EMA effect you can get depends on which extension you dedicate.

Your dedicated extension will be changed to EMA point, and you won't lose this point. The more you gather your EMA points, the more effects you can get.

EMA effect is applied to battle content like Knight Battle, Flag Battle, Quest, and Raid. *In Duel Cup, EMA effect won't happen.

When you move to the other Land, you can't get EMA effect from the last Land, but EMA point won't disappear. So, if you go back to the Land, you can get EMA effect again. Also, when you have SHUIN of the Land, you can get the EMA effect wherever Land you belong to.


This is an option to gain Raw Stone, not an EMA effect.

For EMA3, it is additionally required that the Extension's Quality Level be above 1.

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