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Crafting is the game section that allows you to create extensions by consuming materials.

Planned crafting content

Select and create an extension from the MCH Dictionary.

Both past and new extensions can be created by collecting the materials contained in recipes.

Extensions that have reached the issue limit cannot be created. As a user starts to craft a given extension, the respective issue number will increase.

However, such increase is temporary, and the issue count will return to its original number in case crafting is canceled.

When crafting is completed, the extension is issued and the number of issued extensions is then definitive.

Each extension has a different recipe. Recipes basically require 1-2 types of common node materials, 2 types of land node materials, emblems, Gold Dust, and a maximum of 7 types of Magic Stones.

Higher rarity extensions require more materials.

For Epic and Legendary, additional rare materials from common nodes are required.

The amount of material required to craft a given extension will increase under the following conditions.

  • Issue number is close to the limit

  • Every time crafting is done (decreases with time)

  • Large distribution volume of required materials

Please refer to "Craft Technical" for help in setting up a Hero for crafting.

How to proceed with Crafting

Crafting completion goals are displayed as progress.

"Scheduled Completion" is the estimated time to complete crafting in its current state. Even a small amount of manipulation of resources will result in a large decrease in elapsed time.

Crafting is completed when the progress number reaches 100%.

Each resource, including progress, is automatically produced and increased as time passes. This is done automatically even if the screen/game is not open.

Each resource affects and increases the amount of automatic production.

"Progress" depends on the amount of "Magical" possessed,

"Magical" depends on "Conveyance",

"Conveyance" increases according to "Materialization".

About Graphs

The graph is an indicator that provides a visual reference for changes in remaining time.

The horizontal axis is based on each button operation rather than on real-time elapsed time.

Please use it as a reference to check how much difference the manipulation of resources caused.

*Only the history between the opening of the page and the operation is displayed.

Points to use in Craft

  • Exp

    • Consumed to use the "Production" function of Magical, Conveyance, and Materialization. It automatically accumulates over time.

  • Inventiveness

    • Consumed to develop Tools. Can be obtained by completing Missions.

  • Inspiration

    • Received to get new Tools and to access the upper level of current Tools. Can be accumulated over time up to a certain number.

    • Tools have rarities based on their frame. To gain Inspiration for higher-rarity tools, you need to have accumulated a certain total level of lower-rarity tools (leveling up is not required).

      - Yellow: Obtained a total of 4+ levels of Gray - Orange: Obtained a total of 2+ levels of Yellow - Red: Obtained a total of 2+ levels of Orange

      *The level requirements are cumulative, regardless of whether the tools are the same or different.

The function of each menu

  • Speed up

    • Reduces the interval between automatic productions of each resource. Consumes each resource.

  • Mission

    • Acquire Inventiveness by meeting the randomly presented achievement conditions. When you complete a mission, you automatically get a new one. It is also possible to refresh the mission to get a different one after a certain period of time has passed.

  • Tools

    • You can develop Tools and increase the Tool Level by receiving Inspiration. Tools generate various crafting benefits.

  • Production

    • Produce each resource by consuming Exp instead of waiting for automatic production over a period of time. Materialization can only be increased here.

Craft Inscription

Crafted extensions will be engraved with the crafter's name, production time, and Quality Lv. Quality Lv is fixed at 1 at the time of implementation, but will be updated in the future.

Reforging an Extension in Crafting

Reforge extensions that have already been completed.

You can increase the Quality Lv by bringing your progress to 100% in the crafting game.

Currently, in beta version, it is only possible to raise the Quality Lv of extensions that do not have Quality Lv 1.

In a future update, when the role of Quality Lv is added, this limit will change.

Currently, no materials are consumed when reforging, but we plan to consume materials to raise the Quality Lv in a future update.

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