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What's SHUIN?

When you get SHUIN, you can receive EMA effect, even if you are in another Land.

e.g.: Assume that you have 1,000 EMA points in Land A, and you’re belonging to Land B. If you paid 1,500GUM to Land A, you are Phase 2. Then, you can get 23% (20% + Bonus 3%) of EMA points from Land A although you are belonging to Land B.

  • Additionally, if you have Land-Sector of Land A, you will get doubles of EMA effect.

    • However, the Bonus point won’t be double.

    • You can get 43% (20%*2 + Bonus 3%) of EMA points in the above case.

  • When you get some SHUIN in some Lands, you can receive all Bonuses.

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