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What's SHUIN?

When you get SHUIN, you can receive EMA effect, even if you are in another Land.

e.g.: Assume that you have 1,000 EMA points in Land A, and you’re belonging to Land B. If you paid 300 GUM (100 GUM + 200 GUM) to Land A, you are at Phase 2. Then, you can get 23% (20% + Bonus 3%) of EMA points from Land A although you are belonging to Land B.

  • Additionally, if you have a Land-Sector of Land A, you will get double EMA effect.

    • However, the bonus points won’t be doubled.

    • You can get 43% (20%*2 + Bonus 3%) of EMA points in the above case.

  • When you get some SHUIN in some Lands, you will receive all bonuses.

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