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Knight Battle

Knight Battles are waged by Flag Battle Representatives. 3 times a day they will select a specific battle plan that will be carried out.

There are 4 Ranks within a Land that can be ascended: Lieutenant > Commander > Knight Commander > Knight

Before the first battle of each season, users are assigned to ranks in order of their Knight achievement points from the previous season, starting with the Knight of their land.

There are also 5 Top Ranking Knights (called the G5) that are determined by those who protect their land the most during a Flag Battle.

The Top 3 Ranking Knights, or those who advance to the play-off match of the G5 will acquire achievement points that are correlated with Land Profit (GUM)

It is held every season, and night achievement points are reset at the start of each season.

[2020.11.09] Knight achievement points is updated.

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