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Damage & Cut Rate

Damage is a calculation of the Skill's effect on a Hero's Parameter. Damage is levied on the Target of a Skill

Damage Amount = (Attacker's PHY * ◯◯%) * ( 100% - Target's Cut Rate)

Damage reduction determined by a Hero's Status is called it's "Cut Rate" Cut Rate is calculated by PHY/2(%) of the Target's Skill. In the case of INT Damage, the Cut Rare is simply INT/2(%).

Below is an Example of Damage Calculation:

A Hero Attacks an enemy w/40% PHY and with a Skill of 100 PHY:

Damage = 100*40% = 40 Damage * (100% - Target's Skill Cut Rate%) (Target Hero's PHY is 60 with a Cut Rate of 30%)

40Damage * (100% - 30%)→ 40 * 70% → A Damage of 28 is done on the Target Hero's HP

Also, when Skills involve either the %HP, %AGI, or PHY Decrease% The Cut Rate does not exist and Damage is done based off the Attacker's Parameters.

Other Damage Cutting

Damage reduction by aura effects, etc. also exist.

There are also effects that reduce damage by a set percentage, regardless of the cut rate.

Example: HP-dependent damage is cut by 50 %

The final damage of all HP-dependent damage, such as "max HP" or "decreased HP" will be reduced by 50%.

In the case of PHY/INT/AGI dependent, it reduces the final damage of all damage whose value is determined by the increase or decrease of each status.

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