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This is one of the effects Hero gets in Battle.

This is different from Conditions and Hero can get this effect separated from Conditions.


The hero who has "Decoy" gets the all effects like damage, buff, de-buff from the enemy when the enemy's action. "Decoy" will disappear after it happend.

*If the hero who has "Decoy" is only one target, the "Decoy" will happen and disappear.

*Whether it is Active Skill or Passive Skill, all effects like damage, add a condition, buff, De-buff will go to the hero who has "Decoy"

*There is nothing to do with the ally action.

*Decoy attracts only "effects that should occur". For example, if the vanguard is dead, the effect on the "Front" target will be disabled.

*If your team has two or more heroes who get "Decoy", "Decoy" of the hero who is near the Front will happen.

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