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MCH Coin

MCH Coin ("MCHC")

You can use MCH Coin to vote on the MCH governance mainly.


Contract Address :



For more information, see the article below.


How to obtain MCHC

Here is the article at the time of the announcement.

There are two new factors associated with MCH Coin: Cryptonium(Cp) & Crypto Ingot(CI).

※Please note that Cp is entirely different from what was released in the Beta of Cryptid Wars!

In the image above, we have outlined how to extra MCH Coin first from Cp and then CI.

>How to get Crypt Ingots (CI)


  • Token name: MCH Coin (ERC-20)

  • Ticker: MCHC

  • Total supply: 50,000,000

  • Blockchain: Ethereum

To trade and get more information


  • User Community:50%

    • 5 million (20%) of the allocation will be put as the staking reward.

  • Marketing:10%

    • Intended for use on the other our game titles and MCH+ project game titles.

  • Management Teams:40%

    • For developing, dev team, advisors, investors, the other stakeholders.


  • Cryptonium(Cp): No limit on the total supply limit. You can mainly acquire it through the use of GUM and through activities in Cryptid Wars.

  • Crypto Ingot(CI): Mainly is obtainable via conversion and use derived from Cp. CI is like an off-chain point.

  • MCH Coin(MCHC): An on-chain ERC-20 Token with a 1:1 ratio from CI.

Distribution methods in the CI Pool

The remaining 45 Million CI not used in staking will be converted and distributed via Cryptid Wars upon the usage of Cryptonium.

When users get the CI, these amounts will be distributed as the Marketing and Management team allocations.

  • Marketing:25%

  • Management team:100%

How to get CI

One way to get a lot is through Cryptid Wars.

The formula for calculating ingot conversion rates in Cryptid Wars

[ Total supply in Cryptid Wars (45 million) / Remaining supply * 200 ]

>Reward for Cryptid Wars

How to get MCHC

You can exchange your CI for MCHC by "claim" on the MCHC page.

[2022.02.18] A convert function has been added so that CIs can be Claimed in the Polygon chain.

When converting, all current CIs are converted to Polygon's off-chain MCHC. There is no way to go back.

  • You need to pay the gas fee to claim your MCHC

  • You can exchange Crypto Ingot for MCH Coins at a 1:1 rate at any time.

  • At the time of exchange, all of the CI you are holding will be exchanged.

  • CI cannot be used for anything else outside of this.

Staking Reward

Please see the article about the staking reward.

How to get Cp

1. Get Cp by burning GUM

"Burn GUM" means the GUM is not shared with users and Land.

  • You can get 10 Cp by 1 Burn GUM.

    • e.g.) When you buy Hero by 1000GUM on Trade, 10% is the trade fee, and 50% will be distributed to your Land as the Land Reward. So, Burned GUM is 1000GUM*10%*50% = 50GUM. So, you can get 500 Cp.

*Cp is no longer awarded for the official Hero Sale as of May 2022.

Also when the user invited by you gets Cryptonium by Burn GUM, you can also get Cryptonium equal to 10% of Cryptonium the user receives as the referral reward.

In the e.g.1, 2000 Cryptonium will be added to you.

For more information on Burn GUM rates, please see the help below.

>Land Reward

2. Through Game Play

You can get Cryptonium on the Cryptid Wars, and how many Cryptonium you can get is up to the result of your Land.

Please note that Cryptonium will be distributed by the result of each term, not the final result.

[Update Content in the future]

Also, you can get Cryptonium by clearing the mission in each term. Although your Land can get the good reward or not, Cryptonium will be distributed in this content. Then the amount of Cryptonium will be changed by the user playing. The detail will be announced in the article about Cryptid Wars.

Mint and Manage

MCH is pleased to announce that the issuance and management of My Crypto Heroes' governance token "MCH Coin (MCHC)" have been transferred to OASYS, a Singapore-based company established on May 2nd, 2021. The issuance of MCHC will be managed by Oasys, a Singapore-based company, based on the prescribed allocation and proper governance. There will be no change in the allocation and governance of MCHC as a result of this succession.

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