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Basic Information

MCHC is the key token of the MCH economics. It is widely used in My Crypto Heroes and in the MCH Verse as a whole.


  1. Voting:As the governance token, MCHC grants voting power for holders to vote on polls related to the operation of My Crypto Heroes. See the Governance section for more details on how voting works.

  2. Cryptonium:By holding MCHC, you can earn Cryptonium (Cp) that can be used in My Crypto Heroes.

  3. NFT (Soul) mint:10 MCHC are burned to mint Soul.

  4. NFT (MCH Verse Pass) mint:MCHC/ETH LP tokens are burned to mint MCH Verse Pass.

  5. MCHC Exchange:You can use MCHC to purchase NFTs of blockchain games of the following partners:

    1. Crypto Spells

    2. My Crypto Saga


  6. NFT Marketplace:You can trade NFTs using MCHC at the following marketplace:

    1. tofu NFT

  7. You can use MCHC in the following blockchain games:

    1. Prompt Monsters

    2. Loot by Rogue


  • Community:50%(25,000,000 MCHC)

    • Cryptid Wars Reward:40%(20,000,000 MCHC)

      • MCHC is distributed as a reward for Cryptid Wars, My Crypto Heroes’ GvG (Guild vs Guild) content.

      • Please check the Reward of Cryptid Wars for further information on how issuance works.

        • An additional amount equal to 2% of new issuance from Cryptid Wars will be allocated to the community pool.

      • Unlocked and allocated amount (as of December 15, 2023): 37.3%(18,652,357 MCHC)

    • Staking Rewards:10%(5,000,000 MCHC)

      • The distribution of MCHC as a reward for MCHC's liquidity providers began in November 2020 and was completed in April 2022. Please click here for more details.

  • Marketing:10%(5,000,000 MCHC)

    • This share is used to attract new users and expand the MCH economics.

    • Unlocked amount (as of December 15, 2023): 9.3%(4,663,089 MCHC)

      • 25% of the amount issued in Cryptid Wars will be unlocked at the same time.

    • Allocated amount (as of December 15, 2023): 3.8%(1,884,500 MCHC)

  • Development:40%(20,000,000 MCHC)

    • Unlocked amount (as of December 15, 2023): 37.3%(18,652,357 MCHC)

      • 100% of the amount issued in Cryptid Wars will be unlocked at the same time.

    • Allocated amount (as of December 15, 2023): 16.8%(8,385,510 MCHC)

    • Development* :20%(10,000,000 MCHC)

      • Used for the development and operation of the MCH economics, such as My Crypto Heroes and MCH Verse (Oasys).

    • Team* :10%(5,000,000 MCHC)

      • This share is allocated to the team, to advisors, Investor, shareholders, etc.

    • Reserve* :10%(5,000,000 MCHC)

      • This share is allocated to other anticipated future expenses.

* These distribution ratios are subject to change based on the services provided and the market environment.

** As described in the next section, MCHC can be obtained by exchanging 1:1 with crypto ingots (CI). First, CI is unlocked and distributed in-game, and users can consume it to claim MCHC at any time. In this section, allocation is described with MCHC, including the unlock status of CI. Please note that the actual circulating supply of MCHC is different.

How to obtain MCHC

Crypto Ingots (CI) can be obtained by consuming in-game Cryptonium (Cp) in Cryptid Wars. CI is irreversibly convertible to MCHC in a 1:1 ratio and has no other utility.

  • Cryptonium (Cp): No total supply limit. You can mainly acquire Cp by burning GUM and through activities in Cryptid Wars.

  • Crypto Ingot (CI): It is an off-chain resource obtained by consuming Cp in the Cryptid Wars. CI can be converted to MCHC. When giving CI to the community, a certain percentage will be given to the marketing, development and operation pools as described in the link below.

  • MCH Coin (MCHC): An on-chain ERC20 token which can be claimed in a 1:1 ratio to CI.

>How to get Crypt Ingots (CI)

To trade and get more information

How to get MCHC

You can exchange your CI for MCHC by clicking on "claim" in the MCHC Rewards page.

  • You need to pay the gas fee to claim your MCHC.

  • You can exchange CI for MCHC at a 1:1 ratio at any time.

  • At the time of exchange, all of the CI you are holding will be exchanged.

[2022.02.18] A convert function has been added so that CI can be claimed on Polygon. When converting, all your CI is converted to off-chain MCHC so you can claim your tokens on Polygon. There is no way to convert it back.

How to get Cp

1. Burning GUM

You can get 10 Cp by burning 1 GUM.

For example, when you buy a Hero for 1,000 GUM on MCH’s Trade Market, 5% of the total trade cost is charged as a fee, and 50% of the total cost will be distributed to your Land as the Land Reward. So, burned GUM is [1,000 GUM*5%*50% = 25 GUM], which means that you can get 250 Cp.

*Cp is no longer awarded for the official Hero Sale as of May 2022.

For more information on burning GUM rates, please see the help section below.

>Land Reward

2. Game Play

Hero Mining

This is a game mode where you can get Cp by locking a Hero in a Quest for 7 days. See Mining for details.


You can earn Cp as a reward for the Colosseum. Please check the Colosseum for details.

Cryptid Wars

Cp will be given according to the results of each season’s Cryptid Wars. For more information, please check the reward for the Cryptid Wars.

*There are plans to add other ways of obtaining Cp in future updates.

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